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As we begin 2016, many of us begin a list of things we want to change or improve. We create this list of goals with the great intentions of following every single item. However, we often get really excited about what we want to accomplish and the things we want to do, but we dont actually put in the time and focus to achieve them! Just a few short weeks later our plans, our goals and our dreams have long been forgotten. This year, let’s take a small step further to actually achieve our goals this year.

Set S.M.A.R.T. goals!

SMART goals are:

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Attainable

  • Realistic

  • Timely


SPECIFIC: Goals that are too general in nature are less likely to be accomplished than those that are more specific. In order for your goal to be “specific”, ask yourself these 6 questions:

Who: Who is involved? You? Your spouse? Your kids?
What: What exactly do I want to accomplish?
Where: What is the location that I’ll be tackling this?
When: When do I want to be completed with this goal? Establish a time frame.
Which: Lay out all requirements and constraints.
Why: List reasons or benefits of accomplishing the goal. Find your “why”!

EXAMPLE: “Buy a new house”, is a general goal. But a specific goal would look more like, “I will find and purchase a $500k dollar home for sale in Roseville with a $100,000 down payment by September 15, 2016.”

2016 goals Roseville real estateMEASURABLE: When you have a firm list of criteria with which to measure your progress, it helps you to stay on track to reach your goals. Ask yourself these questions:
How much?

How many?

How will I know when it is accomplished?

There’s nothing more exhilarating than actually seeing your progress! It fuels you, lights a fire under you to keep you pushing onward toward your goal! Track your progress. Break down your long term goals into short term accomplishments. Focusing on “losing 40 lbs in a year” or “saving an extra $15,000 in 12 months” can seem like an unreachable challenge. Break it down! Losing 40 lbs in 1 year is really only losing 3.3 lbs a month! Saving $15,000 only takes $1,250 per month. Ok… that still sounds like a stretch, but it’s doable! Which leads to the next rule.

ATTAINABLE: You CAN attain just about any goal you set your mind to! When you pinpoint the goals that are most important to you, plan out your steps, and establish WHEN you want to carry those out, all of a sudden your mind starts to figure out ways to make those come true. You start to see yourself as worthy of those goals. You begin to develop new traits, new skills and a more powerful self-image. Your attitude, your abilities and your financial capacity to achieve those goals expands to allow you to possess them. However, remember to make your goals close to reasonable. Dont sell yourself short on what you can accomplish, but keep yourself realistic. Saving an “extra $500,000 a year” sounds great, but that wont be attainable if you’re only making $100,000 a year total.

Smart Goal setting

REALISTIC:: In order for a goal to be considered “realistic”, you must be both willing and able to put forth the work it will take to accomplish it. Only you can determine just how high your goal should be. If you truly believe that it can be accomplished, then your goal is probably realistic. Another way to tell is to ask yourself if you’ve ever achieved anything similar in the past. Just remember, sometimes the hardest jobs ever accomplished actually seem easy because of the WHY driving your effort.

TIMELY: You should always set a time frame on when you want your goal to be accomplished by. Without a time frame, what reason is there for you to put any pressure on yourself?  There’s no sense of urgency. When you attach a time of completion to your goal, you’re now telling your subconscious mind to start working on finding ways to make it happen.
T can also stand for Tangible. If you can see it, taste it, touch, smell or hear it, then your goal is tangible. When you can experience your goal in one of these ways, you’re more likely to make it more specific and measurable and therefore attainable!

If I can help inspire you, hold you accountable, or help you reach your goals in any other way, please reach out! I love nothing more than seeing those around me reach new levels of success and happiness.

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Zac Bacon
Zac Bacon
“Your local professional for Greater Sacramento Area Properties” I will assist you in purchasing a home for sale, or help you sell a home for the best possible price. I have an established record of satisfied clientele, and I personally have over a decade of real estate experience in the Placer County region. Contact me directly (916) 677-9813 for a private consultation and connect with me on Facebook!