Selling a Home in Roseville? Here are 3 Tips to Attract Multiple Offers!

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Selling a Home in Roseville

Have you been thinking “how do I sell my home in Roseville?” You’re not alone! The local real estate market in the Greater Sacramento area is moving well, and the selling season is upon us. Use this strategy to sell your home quickly and potentially end up with multiple offers! If you’ve made the decision to take advantage of this opportunity to sell, there are 3 strategies of which you need to be aware. The best real estate agents in Roseville will surely agree that preparation, presentation, and pricing will get your home sold quickly.


prepare to sell your home
Imagine walking through a new home community and touring their model homes. The homes are pristine, well furnished, and everything is functional. While that is obviously a high standard to achieve in a resale home, it’s a great standard to work toward. While preparing your home for sale fix any small damage like wall scuffs, burnt out light bulbs, squeaky doors/drawers, and window coverings. Also make sure that small building code items are addressed. A properly strapped water heater, carbon monoxide detectors, and small exposed wiring are the most common issues. A quality handyman can easily take care of the majority of these items.

Additionally,take the time to either thoroughly clean the home, or hire professional cleaners. In my experience professional cleaners are well worth the money. They get done in a couple hours what would take a whole day for you or I. Make sure they clean showers, baseboards, and especially windows/screens! Cleaning blinds is a good idea as well. I often use a separate window washing company for windows and screens. Photographers often open curtains and blinds for marketing photos, so clean windows are a must!


Presentation to sell your homeMake sure to de-clutter personal items from the home and stage it for photos and for sale. Remove excessive items from counter tops and keep only the bare minimum. This may not be the most comfortable way to live, but it will help speed up the time it takes to sell your home. Move furniture around if necessary to open rooms and improve flow. Remove worn or dated furniture if possible.

Consider staging a home if it is going to be sold while vacant. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) 29% of buyer agents stated that home buyers offer between 1-5% higher on a staged home. An additional 21% of buyer agents stated that staging increased pricing by 5-10%. While is is extremely hard to project a specific reduction in the amount of time on the market, 62% of seller’s agents agree that staging “drastically reduces the time on market.” In my experience these numbers are accurate, and the reaction of buyers to staged and non-staged homes is noticeably different.

Lastly, quality professional photos really bring the whole package together. Quality photos showcase the depth and flow of each room and draw buyers in. Poorly lit cell phone pictures are a huge disservice to home sellers. The return on investment makes professional real estate photography a must at any price point. High quality photos are a standard part of my marketing package for all listings, not just the high end. Aerial or drone photography is an additional option that can help showcase acreage, views, or other unique features. As additional virtual reality options enter the market we continue to adjust tactics to stay on the cutting edge!



This may be the most important part of selling a home. A home’s price comparative to the surrounding market can speed up or slow down a sale. Price is the final adjustment that can overcome location, condition, or market demographics. Have a home that needs a new roof, but you dont have the extra cash to fix it before selling? Adjusting the listing price of the home can overcome almost any challenge. Price a home at $1,000 and I guarantee someone will buy it! While that is an extreme example, the theory works. National Association of Realtors stats show that a price just 10% over fair market value reduces number of buyers by 50%! That is an expensive mistake. Depending on your moving plans and your timeline, appropriate pricing can be the most important decision you make to sell a home quickly. Be sure to properly review market data and take the input from a professional real estate agent!


I hope this information is useful! If you would like to talk about how I can help sell your home for top dollar, or you would like a complimentary valuation on your home please click HERE and select “Receiving a CMA.”

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Zac Bacon
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