The stunning vintage homes of Curtis Park draw in a neighborhood of active, motivated citizens. A well known, desirable area to live in, Curtis Park offers a safe, comfortable community. Citizen activism is common among the neighbors of this area, as they work together to keep their community strong.


Out of over 200,000 neighborhoods across the United States, in January 2015 Sacramento’s Curtis Park was named one of the Top 10 most desirable neighborhoods in the country.  A beautiful community park is perfect for running, walking your dog or taking a relaxing stroll.  Neighborhood volunteers came together to renovate the Sierra 2 Center for the Arts, which was originally built as an elementary school, into a non-profit center for artistic, cultural and educational activities.  It now provides plays and musicals for the community.  Numerous fine dining establishments and cozy cafes are sprinkled throughout the area as well.  Of course, all perfect days end in pampering!  Curtis Park and the surrounding area is perfect for all your salon and spa experiences.


This quiet, close-knit community has so much to offer!  Every Friday, the Sierra 2 Center for the Arts offers First Friday Neighborhood Dinners as a way to unite the community.  Rich with history, unity and gorgeous architecture, it’s a perfect place to call home.

  • Quiet
  • Calm
  • Close-knit community
  • First Friday Neighborhood Dinners
  • Schools