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June 21, 2018
Lakeland Granite Bay

If you’ve been watching home values in Granite Bay, then you’ve seen quite an increase in the last few years. Did you know that the average home price has increased 13.8% in Granite Bay since November 2014? (TrendVision Data) This number can vary based on alternative price points and different seasons. We’re seeing strong sales in affordable neighborhoods around the area. If you’ve been thinking about selling a home in Lakeland in Granite Bay then you probably know there is not currently much competition!

Lakeland was originally developed in the late 1950’s by the West Sacramento Land Corp. with the first homes being completed in 1959. The neighborhood is fully custom, and each owner chose their design and contractor. Construction and development continued steadily through approximately four phases until about 1989.  There have been a few rebuild projects, however, the majority of the 231 homes in Lakeland Granite Bay were completed by the end of the 1980’s.

Home sizes and styles vary greatly in the neighborhood and provide a wonderful sampling of homes from which buyers can choose. Smaller homes start at about 1,150 sqft and range up to an impressive 4,500+ sqft including both single story and 2 story homes. If you’ve thought about selling a home in Lakeland Granite Bay you should be pleasantly surprised! The price point and available homes are sure to attract buyers looking for all variety and size of homes. Most lot sizes range from about 6,500 sqft up to approximately 1 acre. This is typical for homes in Granite Bay, and will offer an opportunity for more particular Buyers to acquire a home with extended yard space.

Lakeland in Granite Bay is ideally located with easy access to many of the amenities the local community has to offer. Just a short walk to Folsom Lake recreational areas at Granite Beach, and a short drive to Beale’s Point and Doton’s Point. Enjoy delicious cuisine from the local restaurants, or spend time exploring the walking, mountain biking, and horsing trails that extend for miles around the area.

Currently there is only 1 Active listing in Lakeland at a competitive price of $499,000 for 2,197 sqft. (as of 12/14/2018) Selling a home in Lakeland Granite Bay has been a rewarding choice over the last 12 months as 13 homes have successfully sold. Prices have ranged from $495,000 up to an impressive $855,000. On average homes have been selling in 48 days, and selling for 98.06% of the list price. Only 1 listing failed to sell. The listing contract expired in November 2018 after 147 days on the market and 4 price reductions.

Zac Bacon
Zac Bacon
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