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Getting ready to sell a house drywall repairIf you are asking yourself “How can I sell my home?” in Roseville or Granite Bay, you are likely just at the start of your home selling journey. There are many things you need to research along the way, such as how to find a real estate agent, or where to advertise your house. But before you start letting buyers know that your house is on the market, you first need to get a house ready to sell. Wondering how to get a house ready to sell in Roseville? Here’s how to make the process a breeze.

1. Rethink Your Home

Right now you think of your home as an extension of your family or yourself. It’s your sanctuary, the backdrop for all your best memories, the place you go to for relaxation and comfort. All of the feelings you have attached to your home make you value it differently than a buyer might. In order to sell your home and negotiate wisely, you have to remove your personal attachment and think of it as an asset that can make you money – nothing more.

There are many ways to remove your personal feelings from a property, such as:

  • De-cutter things that you don’t need for staging the home. Pack away the knick knacks, personal photos, and decorative touches that made the space feel like “you”.
  • Rearrange the necessary items you need to live with, such as clothing and dishes, in a way that feels less homey to you, but more organized to potential buyers. Keep your closet organized by color, rather than hanging your favorite outfits together, for example.
  • Store items in rooms based on what that room is meant for. If you’ve been using the dining room as a crafting area, go ahead and put a dining room table back in there, and store your hobby items elsewhere.

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2. Make Necessary Repairs

There is a fine balance between getting the house ready for buyers, and investing so much time and money that you reduce your profit. You do want to fix anything that could deter potential buyers, but not so much that you don’t make any money. Some good repairs or fixes to make include:

  • Replacing any cracked tiles on floors or backsplashes
  • Fixing leaking plumbing
  • Patching up holes in the walls from pictures or other hangings
  • Painting any bold walls neutral colors
  • Replacing burnt out light bulbs

These are small fixes that make a home feel of very high quality, but don’t eat into your time or budget. Larger repairs, such as fixing a roof or replacing the siding, may be better approached by offering a discount on the home price so that the new owner can make those changes themselves.

3. Invest in Professional Photographs

A large portion of potential buyers these days look at homes online before they ever consider taking a tour of a property. This means that the photos you place online can be a major selling point. But if you’ve ever tried to take a picture of an entire room, you know that property photography is trickier than it looks. There are professional photographers that specialize in making a home look fantastic through images, and can create online posting material that wows buyers. Consider virtual 3D tours of a property, great images of the unique details of the home, and photographs that highlight your staging.

4. Consider the Curb Appeal

Anyone who has ever wondered how to get a house ready to sell has been told to make sure the outside of the home is attractive. But truthfully, you just can’t overestimate the value of curb appeal. The first impression of a home can make or break the buyer’s opinion. Here are some tips for acing curb appeal:

  • Go outside and look at the front of the house. Most of us never really “look” at our home because we’re busy getting inside to complete our day. Ask yourself if it looks welcoming.
  • Check out the sidewalk or walkway. Is it clean and in good repair?
  • Is the lawn mowed or landscaped in an attractive manner? Are all the plants healthy and bright, pruned nicely, and appealing to a wide variety of people?
  • Is the house number easy to read? Consider replacing a small or faded house number with large, bright numbers in an attractive metal finish.
  • Are all the window hangings at an even level in the windows, and do they match? Is any window trim faded or chipped? Give the windows a fresh look to make the home appear more welcoming.

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5. List Your Home at the Right Time

Finally, our last tip for getting your house ready to sell is to make sure you know when is the best time to list it. The market is always changing. Sometimes buyers have an easier time getting great prices because the market is flooded with homes just like yours. Sometimes, it’s easier for you to ask for a great price because the market is lean. Consider waiting for the ideal seller’s market, or find something about your house that stands out so that you aren’t competing.
This is one reason why working with a professional real estate agent may be the best move you can make. These professionals can assess the market and find the right angle to approach buyers. This is extremely important because in some cases, the market could be so buyer-friendly that the value of your home could be less than you owe.
Moving On

Now that your home is ready to sell, it’s time for the market (or your agent) to work magic. Home tours, open houses, and online marketplaces will help you attract buyers while you search for your next home. Check out other types of advertisements too, such as flyers, print advertisements, and a sign in the yard. Keep your home ready for that perfect buyer by using these five tips to help you get a house ready to sell in Roseville or Granite Bay.


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